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The main reason for the low education rates in Africa is the lack of proper schooling facilities, educators and unequal opportunity for education across countries. Many schools across Africa find it hard to employ teachers due to the low pay and lack of suitable people. This is particularly true for schools in remote areas.

Many African Schools suffer from an overly large class sizes and high average number of students per teacher in a school. Moreover, the teachers are usually those unqualified with few teaching aids and poor textbook provision.

Better Schools

School Supplies

The Be Bless Foundation is committed to increasing access to quality public education in Africa. Why? Because education, more than any other sector of development, provides dramatic improvement in poverty reduction, gender parity, health outcomes, child immunization, HIV/AIDS prevention, environmental protection and wildlife conservation.

Simply put, widely available public education will lead to a prosperous, peaceful and sustainable future for Africa.

Our Purpose: to advocate for better education for children in undeveloped & disadvantaged areas. 
Our Mission: to build better schools. African children are hungry for education, yet many of them lack the basic access to getting it, good schools. 

Our Vision: to raise funds for, and oversee, the construction of Primary and Secondary schools for regions of Africa where there are no educational facilities.

To do great work, you need tools. While blood, sweat and tears have built empires, classrooms still need paper and pencils. Let join together to supply one million pencils and notebooks to school children in Africa.

Lack of access to quality education, especially among the poorest, is preventing millions of children from escaping the cycle of extreme poverty in some parts of Africa.

​We are here to make a long term commitment in making sure each child has a better chance to gain a future through proper educational support.

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